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33 Hidden Facts about Amway Air Purifier Atmosphere Mini

We can’t live without air, but we have no time to think if the airs we are inhaling are pure or not. Amway air purifier is a special gift by Amway Atmosphere to India. This portable device takes care of everyone who wants to live clean indoors.

Good quality of air is our basic need. The quality of air decides our physical and mental well-being. But, these days, air pollution has reached everywhere in the world.

In India, thousands of years ago, Yogic Science proved that if we inhale-exhale with complete awareness, we can be the controller of our life. Quality of breathing defines the quality of life.


Atmosphere Mini is a unique creation by Atmosphere. This brand is the maker of the world’s largest selling home air treatment products. Amway air purifiers are helping people around the world to inhale pure air into their lungs.

The atmosphere air filter is Designed in USA and Amway brings it to India. This air purifier by Amway is compact & convenient for Indian homes. At the same time, it is portable too.

Other Air Purifiers available in India

Mi 2S Vertical Air Purifier is available on Amazon. it has an OLED display and a Laser particle sensor. OLED display (shows real-time PM2.5 concentration, temperature and humidity.

This air purifier has 310m³ PM/hr CADR and can be controlled by the Remote app. It has a 360-degree air intake with 3-layer filtration. You will get 3 different modes to choose from (Auto, Night and Manual). It works Quiet and is also energy efficient.

Check Amazon air purifier. They are providing a 31% discount on this exclusive product.

Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtrationCheck details now.


Importance of Atmosphere Mini

The air of a room or hall can contain many harmful toxic gases, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke etc. As per the Environmental protection agency, the United States, indoor can be more polluted than outdoor. [Link]

We spend most of the time indoors. So, it is necessary to give attention to our indoor air. Because indoor pollution can be more harmful to us. The air indoors can contain many pollutants such as PM2.5, VOCs, mold, pollen, house mites, pet dander, household dust, etc.

Atmosphere Mini by Amway is the most trusted air purifier. This Amway product provides superior filtration of our indoor air which is better than HEPA grade filter.

You can control the air quality inside your room using an Amway air purifier. You can control this device even when you are not home by using the mobile app, Atmosphere Connect.

Benefits of Amway Atmosphere Mini

Amway air freshener is efficient in capturing the smallest particles which are as small as 0.0024 microns.

  • You should use an Amway air filter in your office or home to protect your loved ones from the polluted air. Atmosphere Mini reduces more than 300 pathogens and particulates from the indoor air.
  • It can capture over 15 different gaseous contaminants such as TVOCs, benzene, formaldehyde, Ozone, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur di-oxide etc.
  • This single product can also remove common household odours such as cigarette smoke, cleaning products, pet & cooking odours.

It filters your indoor air quickly and effectively. You can carry this device to any of your rooms to clean the air of that rooms. Atmosphere mini cleans air-

  • in a 200 square feet room 5 times in an hour
  • 4 times in an hour in a 244 square feet room
  • in a 325 square feet room 3 times in an hour
  • Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier specifications
  • The Atmosphere Mini is a unique Air Treatment System for Indian homes. It draws air from the room through its front cover cleans by its 3-in-1 filter.

Amway air purifier is consists of 3 unique filters. You will get three filters within a single device. These three filters work on three stages of purification-

  • Pre-filter: This filter captures larger particles such as hair and dust.
  • Particulate filter: This HEPA filter captures smaller particles such as PM2.5, bacteria, virus etc.
  • Carbon filter: This filter is used to remove gases and odours from air.
  • This wonderful device istested by AHAM for performance. Amway air purifier is approved by British allergy foundations for reducing more than 100 allergens and irritants. This is also certified by ECARF.

The uniqueness of Amway Air Purifier

Atmosphere Mini is definitely a unique product to purify your indoor air. It has some features which have made it different from the other brands.

Atmosphere Connect is the companion app for your Atmosphere Mini. This app lets you control and monitor your indoor air quality from any time, anywhere.

Atmosphere Mini is an Intuitive, sensitive & compact device.

  • You can control the air quality of your indoor by Amway portable air filter.
  • You can operate Amway Atmosphere in 5 unique modes. Modes of Operation are On/Off, Fan Speed 1, 2, or 3, Auto mode and Night mode.
  • It has the power of extra sensitive particle detection. Captures particles as small as 0.0024 micron with 99.99% single pass efficiency.
  • Intuitive operation
  • This product is Portable & Compact.
  • It is energy efficient with 38 watts at max speed.
  • Equipped with better than HEPA grade filter. Reduces more than 300 pathogens and particulates. Captures over 15 different gaseous contaminants. Removes common household odours.
  • C.A.D.R of 220m3/hour
  • 3rd Party certification from UK Allergy, AHAM, ECARF
  • Replacement of Air Filter
  • The life of the 3-in-1 filter depends on your quality of air, operating speed of fan and daily run-time. Usually, it lasts between 6 and 10 months.

The pre-filter captures the large particles. So, you can clean the Pre-filter if needed.

To clean this front filter, you can either vacuum it off or wipe/brush it with a clean cloth. Do not use water or any other liquid cleaner.

Replacement of Amway Air Purifier

The Atmosphere Mini Air Treatment System provides works more effectively in rooms where the doors and windows are kept closed.

The Atmosphere Mini Air Treatment System is designed for individual rooms up to 200 square feet in area.

You may place the unit near an electrical outlet and away from heating and cooling vents and high traffic areas.

This device takes air in and sends it out. So, the space above the unit and in front of the unit should be clear.

How to Operate Amway Air Purifier

You can use this product as per your need. This device has five modes of operation available. These modes are- On/Off, Fan Speed 1, Fan Speed 2, or Fan Speed 3, Auto mode, and Night mode.

If you set the system to AUTO mode, the system will monitor the dust level of the room air and adjust the system fan speed when appropriate.

If you prefer to manually set the speed and have it be constant, then it can be any of the 3 speeds.

Each speed will clean a different amount of air per hour and will also produce different levels of sound.

How to register Amway Atmosphere Mini

You can register your product in two ways.

First, you have to download the Atmosphere Connect app.

As part of the pairing process, 1-click product registration is included.

You can also go to https://myproducts.amwayglobal.com/en-us/#/product-registration to register your unit