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Amway: How to Convert PC to ABO

Now you can convert the preferred customers to ABO easily. On this page, I have clearly discussed how to convert PC to ABO.

Conversion of PC to ABO is an important but clumsy task these days. Because many of your ABOs may have been converted to PCs for not maintaining Amway rules.

I have converted many PCs to ABOs. So, I can tell you how to convert from a PC to an ABO from your computer or smartphone. Our website Amway Products Knowledge is here for serving you anytime.


How to Convert PC to ABO

Earlier, you could convert a PC to ABO by visiting the Amway office. But, now this facility is only available on the Amway website.

There is the step by step process available on the Amway website for PC to ABO conversion. Through this process, you can convert your existing PC to Amway Business Owner. You may also convert a previous ABO who has been converted to PC for non-qualifying the guidelines.

This facility is available only for the PC that wants to be converted to ABO. No one can do this job for the PC.Tweet

If you are an ABO and want to convert your PC to ABO then you should visit the Amway website and log in with the username and password of that PC.

Because you can not see the links to convert a PC to ABO on your dashboard. The link is provided on the dashboard of every qualified PC only.

Amway doesn’t want to create unwanted ABOs for their business who have no interest to do the business. So, the conversion system is given to the PCs only.

This system ensures that no one can force a person to join Amway’s business. Following this system, only interested persons who have dreams to do something special can join this awesome business.


After login on to the Amway website, a PC will see the exact link following which link he/she can convert to an ABO within some minutes.

You have to follow the following steps to convert PC to ABO. When you browse through the website of Amway, you will see the menu.

In the menu section, there is an option “Business Center”. Click on the link Business center and you will see an option ” Convert to ABO”. This option is available only for the qualified PCs of Amway.

To convert PC to ABO, you have to fill out the online form which will be available on the website. Please fill out the form carefully. Because this form includes your communication address and bank details. You can also include a co-applicant in this form.

The online form to convert PC to ABO is important to all the PCs who want to convert to ABO.

On the online form, you have to upload some documents too. So, before starting your application process, please keep the following documents ready on your smartphone or in your Computer.

The following documents are important to prove your Identity and your Address. So, keep ready these documents-

  • Photo ID Proof (for upload)
  • Address Proof (for upload)
  • Submission of PC to ABO Conversion Form

I have discussed in the above paragraph how to convert Prefered Customers to ABO. So, I think you have done the task successfully.

You can also contact us for any help regarding Amway Business Opportunity. Because we are always dedicated to helping this community to get their desired position in life.

After submission of your application, Amway will verify your bank details. To verify your bank account they will send a 1 Rupee to your account. Please check if you have got the money or not.

If you have not received the money, you may have done a mistake in entering your bank account details.

If you have done the process of PC to ABO conversion successfully, the status from PC to ABO will be changed by the next day.

After submitting the online application please take a printout of the form.

Offline Form for PC to ABO Conversion

Though the process to convert the preferred customers to PC is completely online, you have to submit the printed online form.

To submit the printed copies, first of all, sign the forms and you can submit the form along with the documents to your respective leader.

You may also submit the form along with the below-mentioned documents at the nearest Amway office. You may also send them to the respective regional office as per your leadership.

Documents You Need to Submit

Along with the printed application form, please furnish the following documents. Your application will be rejected without the documents which I have mentioned here.

  • Signed copy of online registration form (a signature is mandatory on terms and conditions if printed on a separate page)
  • Valid photo ID proof
  • Valid address proof

Validity of PC to ABO conversion Form

I have told you that you can convert PC to ABO simply by visiting the Amway website.

After filling online application form, you should print the PDF form given on the website after successful submission.

Now you have to submit the offline printed application form along with the documents to the Amway office.

You will get a 30 days period for document submission after covert PC to ABO online. If your documents don’t reach the office within 30 days, your status of ABO will be converted to a PC again and you will lose the team.

Order incapable and Sponsor incapable

The documents with the joining form should reach the office within 15 days of PC to ABO conversion.

Because, after 15 days of joining, if they don’t get your application form and documents they will reduce your capacity as an ABO.

In this position, you will be incapable to order products from Amway and you will be incapable to sponsor people to Amway.

In this case, your account will also be put on Payment Exception Status.

This is how you can convert PC to ABO within a short time and fulfill your dreams.