Best Cheap Tummy Trimmer in India 2020 for Home Gym

You must have a tummy trimmer if you want to burn your belly fat at home. We have provided a list of the best tummy trimmers available to buy online in India.

We have done the hard work and saved your time here. Just pick up one of the best products from here and say your fats good by.

Buy Tummy Trimmers Online

A. Triple Spring Tummy Trimmers

1. Inchdown Tummy Trimmer for Male and Ladies

  • Provides the power of 03 springs
  • It has a 14.5-inch spring (2 inches bigger)
  • The foot pedal is also increased by 2 inches
  • A comfortable way to make yourself fit.
  • You can do multiple exercises at home
  • Can be used to do Ab Crunches, Leg Raises, Sit-Ups, Bicep Curls, and more
  • You can target your belly, buttocks, waist, thighs, hands, arms, shoulders, and back
  • Comes with 1 Year Service Warranty

B. Double Spring Tummy Trimmers Online

1. ODDISH Tummy Trimmer for Male and Ladies

  • Strong elastic spring, featured with widening contoured foot pedals & steel coil pull-up bar & high-density anti-slip PU handle
  • Abdomen, arm, and chest exercises are all supported by this great fitness equipment.
  • Portable and lightweight, easy to store, and can be used anywhere anytime though in office.
  • The Foot pedal was upgraded expand more than 2 cm wide for Two Side. Wider than others.
  • Material: steel and plastic
  • Single spring
  • Ideal usage: stretching and toning

2. MCP Tummy Trimmer, Abs Exerciser For Male and Ladies

  • Multipurpose Fitness Equipment: Waist Trimmer, Abs Exerciser, Body Toner-Fat Buster
  • trims and tones your abdominal muscles and strengthens your arms, legs, hips and thighs
  • burns extra calories, melts away your abdominal fat around your waist to give you a flat and firm stomach
  • Heavy duty carbon steel springs create resistance and builds your muscles
  • Adjustable to different fitness levels
  • Portable Fitness Equipment
  • It is beneficial for beginners and advanced users

C. Single Spring Tummy Trimmer Online

1. FIT PICK™ Tummy Trimmer for Male and Ladies

  • It is lightweight, easy to carry.
  • It is high resistance and sturdiness
  • Keeps resistance high and Tension evenly
  • The strong coil-built handle and foot pedal keeps balance and maintaining sturdiness
  • FitPick tummy trimmer works on all muscles
  • FITS UP TO 6 FEET and 100 KG Humans
  • You can use this to Lose weight and tone muscle at the same time

2. INCHDOWN Ab Exerciser and Sweat Slim Belt

  • Comes with a Sweat Slim Belt (free size)
  • The single spring is easy to carry, lightweight and compact
  • High-Grade stainless steel makes it tough and strong
  • Its height is 14.5 Inch, and paddles are 11.1 inches wide
  • You can make you belly trim and burns a lot of calories
  • makes you stronger and your muscles
  • Also helps you keep your shoulders, back, arms, and thighs in shape

D. Elastic Latex Tummy Trimmers

1. Spike Rubber Tummy Trimmer for Male and Female

  • Used Strong elastic latex instead of steel spring
  • Workouts your arms, tummy, shoulders, legs, and butt
  • Ideal for toning & strengthening stomach, legs, arms, hips, and thighs
  • It is Portable and lightweight, easy to store, and can be used anywhere anytime
  • Widening and lengthening contoured foot pedals
  • Elastic Sit Up Equipment featured with long-lasting use
  •  The bands serve a long time and provide the maximum resistance

How do Tummy Trimmers Work?

Tummy trimmers are made of strong springs with to handles and two paddles. You have to place your feet at the paddles, catch the handles and pull the spring with your hands.

You should slightly lean back and then pull the handle to your chest. In this whole period keep your stomach muscles tight and you upper body backward and keep your legs tight.

Regular use of a tummy trimmer reduces the belly fats. It is also useful in making your arms, heaps, thighs, and chest stronger.

By using this simple equipment you can achieve your goal to achieve lose your belly fat within a short period.

Can a Tummy Trimmer alone Reduce Belly Fat?


If you want to get the full benefits from a tummy trimmer you should also give attention to your food habits.

Eat your foods as per your body requirements. Instead of trans fat include green vegetables and fruits to your food list. These foods contain fiber that is beneficial for reducing fat.

Instead of lots of carbohydrates add proteins to your food list (NCBI). Our body converts unused carbohydrates to fat for future utilization.

If you drink too much alcohol, leave it, add the habit of drinking enough water.

Moreover, Eating Omega 3 fatty acids are also useful to reduce bad fat from our body.